Vectoflow's Multi-Hole-Probes

- Individually adaptable probes by 3D-Printing -

Our customized multi-hole-probes and systems measure the static and total pressure, the velocity and the angle of attack of a flow. The probes are easily adaptable in terms of geometry, size and material to your requirements, due to the innovative fabrication method used. The latter also increases the robustness of the probes significantly, making them usable in harsh environments.

Your Advantages


We are able to build almost any geometry due to our rapid manufacturing process. Possible materials are titanium, inconel, stainless steel, plastics and more.


All of our probes share a one-piece design. Therefore, they are durable and robust even in harsh environments.

Plug and Play

Our multi-hole-probes integrate well into your existing system. Reference surfaces, connection, and software are adjustable, easy and well documented.

The quality of our probes has convinced our customers, who work in all different kinds of fields:
  • R&D
  • Turbomachinery
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Motorsports
  • and more

Products & Service

Flow and Pressure Probes

  • Multi-hole-probes (3-hole, 5-hole, 7-hole and custom)
  • Probe rakes
  • High temperature probes
  • Prandtl/Total-pressure-probes
  • Kiel-probes
  • Boundary layer probes
  • Complete measurement systems
  • and more
Standard geometries are straight, L-shaped and cobra probes. Head diameters start at 0,9mm.

Software and Services

  • Custom probe development
  • Calibration of any conventional flow probe
  • Software for analysis and data reduction


Our core competence is the manufacturing and calibration of multi-hole-probes. They are easy to use and measure precisely the condition of a flow. The measurement method is based on Bernoulli’s principle, similar to a pitot probe. The following flow parameters can be measured by evaluating the pressure distribution at the probe's tip:
  • total and static pressure
  • angle of attack
  • flow velocity
Further sensors, e.g. thermocouples, can be integrated into the probe.

more on the technology
multi-hole flow probe principle


Research & Development

  • Aerospace
  • Turbo machinery
  • Automotive
  • Wind power
  • Shipbuilding
  • Motorsport / competitive sports
  • Plant engineering and chem. industry

Systems control

Because of our probe's increased sturdiness combinded with self-cleaning features, they can be used in active system control. Possible fields of application are:
  • active adjustment of rotor blades (wind power)
  • monitoring and optimization of flows in systems engineering
  • Turbo machinery