Girls in Tech? Yes, we can!

Ten STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) interested girls in the age of 10-14 years visited Vectoflow last Thursday.

Three female founders, Manuela Rasthofer from Terraloupe, Maria Driesel from Inveox and Katharina Kreitz from Vectoflow gave an exciting insight in their daily company life.
At first somewhat shy, after a short time the technically interested girls hold their heads into the free jet of the wind tunnel, let their hair fly and asked may questions to the three founders.

Besides questions like “Why can an aircraft fly?” or “What is Aerodynamics?”, the girls wanted to know, how it is to work with so many boys and if it is harder to be a female founder.

“I think it is amazing, that the girls show so much interest in science, despite of their young age.
This must be encouraged!”, said Katharina.

Girlsday 2017 Vectoflow poster