News in the 3D-Printing-Sector

Vectoflow visited one of the largest 3D-Printing trade fairs – Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany – this year and we brought some interesting news.

After presenting their 3D-printer, EOS P 500, EOS is planning further developments within the 3D-printing sector. Agreements have been made with the chemical company Arkema for developing a new high-tech polymer. There are already existing cooperations with Evonik and BASF for the development of future polymers.

Formnext 2017: Innovations with Full-Colour 3D-Printers

The exhibition formnext took place from 14th – 17th November 2017 in Frankfurt/ Main and is an international trade fair for additive manufacturiung technologies, 3D-printing, as well as mould making. An additional exhibition hall was needed for the sector „additive manufacturing“, as the number of participating companies was doubled.

New 3D-printers were introduced, such as the 4th generation of the successful 3D-printer X400 from the company German RepRap.

Stratasys also introduced their GrabCAD Voxel Print-interface for the full-colour-multi-material-3D-printer J750 at the formnext exhibition. This offers a software application of 3rd-party suppliers. The print driver Cuttlefish from the Fraunhofer IGD already works together very smoothly with the GrabCAD Voxel printer.

3D Printing Production

Sustainabilty and cost reduction for warehousing by the use of the 3D-printing-technology

According to a study which is mentioned in the online magazine for 3D-printing -technology,, it is said that 5 % of all spare parts can be digitally stored and be printed on demand in 3D.

The 3D-print-technology has reached the stage, in which a production of high quality parts is possible. By lowering the stock value more capital can be gained for more productive purposes. The production on demand also reduces harmful environmental influences, as parts which are not needed do not have to be produced. Furthermore, a reduce of downtime is expected through a faster production of spare parts.

Sini Metsä-Kortelainen, project leader at the VTT

According to the study this approach is especially significant thinking of for purchasers of very old and rarely inquired parts.