Vectoflow Seeks Pilot Customers for New Airdata System

Mini Air data system for UAV

You are currently developing an UAV or a drone? You’re interested in airspeed, pitch and yaw angles, barometric height as well as air temperature? And you want to use this data live or later for performance analysis and control? In that case we have something new to offer!

Airspeed Sensor Probe

Current prototype customers like Lilium Aviation (developing an eVTOL for personal transport pictured above) are very happy with the results.

We are currently developing a small, robust air data system made up of a probe for three dimensional flow measurement and the measurement electronics that outputs all relevant flight data directly and digitally.

  • Airspeed
  • Pitch and roll angles
  • Total air temperature
  • and more…

Mini Air data system for UAV

  • Easy to use pneumatic quick connector ①
  • Communication and power supply connector ②
  • Auxiliary probe interface for air temperature, heater control, etc. ③
  • Strong, lightweight and internally reinforced nylon (PA12) casing, fully customizable ④

We need your help to develop the perfect solution that has just the most valuable and right features. We prepared a short questionnaire covering essential topics like:

  • What is your application (UAV, general flight test, Motorsport…)?
  • What features are essential for the system?
  • What bus system do you prefer for communication?

Customer Survey Airdata System (PDF)

There is something in it for you, too: We will lend out one customized system to one of the participants of the survey free of charge for two months.

You're interested? Download the questionnaire and return it via e-Mail to