Product launch: VectoDAQ Air Data System

Vectoflow is proud to present its newest product, the VectoDAQ Air Data System. The Air data system is consists of an air data computer and a leightweight flow measurement probe made with additive manufacturing, like all of Vectoflow’s probes.
The system is designed for simultaneous measurements of multiple pressure and temperature signals and data reduction of the data to obtain flow values like angle of attack, true air speed and flight height. The device is equipped with 1 to 5 differential pressure channels, and one absolute or barometric pressure port, which is the reference for the differential sensors at the same time. The data can be transmitted via USB or CAN interface. The transmission rate can be set in the range between 1 and 100Hz (USB) and 500Hz (CAN). Optionally, a probe heating is available.
The system offers to our customers an easy to use in flight measurement device, which is lightweight and offers all the advantages of Vectoflow’s highly customizable probes at the same time.