Paper of TU Berlin

An interesting paper coming from TU Berlin was published on the topic "Development of an Instrumented Guide Vane Set for RDC Exhaust Flow Characterization". As described in the publication, short duration measurements of detonation waves in the TU Berlin detonation test stand were made using two Kiel Probes from Vectoflow made of CoCr alloy. In the combustion chamber, temperature peaks of up to 3000° C are observed with average tempreratures in the exhaust gas around 1500° C. The flow field is highly unsteady and contains multiple shockwaves. Locally Mach numbers from 5 to 8 can occur. At the exit measurement plane, a flow in the transonic range between Ma = 0.8 and 1.4 is expected. You can find the entire paper here.
Kiel probe Vectoflow