Most Compact 64 Channel Pressure Scanner

Vectoflow is the exclusive distributer of Evolution Measurement's EvoScann P-Series Pressure Scanner in Germany. In addition to the P8 and the P16 pressure scanner, there is now also the P64-D pressure scanner. Read the press release from the manufacturer on the topic:

"Evolution Measurement launch the most significant model of the revolutionary EvoScann® P-Series miniature pressure scanners.

EvoScann® P64-D provides 64-channel high-performance MEMS pressure sensors to ensure high density, high accuracy and measurement of complete aero sections in one compact device. Supplied in
true-differential mode across a selection of pressure ranges, including custom ranges, integrated temperature sensors provide observation data and apply digital temperature correction to each
of the pressure sensors to ensure optimal performance and correct for ambient effects. For optimal accuracy, a reference tubulation is provided to connect to a stable static source.

EvoScann® P-Series has been a significant success since its release in 2017. Its unique, compact dimensions have enabled users to make the measurements as close as possible to the desired test
locations. With its ultra-low profile and restricted height, they can be placed in very narrow sections to gather data as quickly and accurately as possible with negligible frequency response

In consultation with many customers in the motor-sport world, the need was identified for a higher density scanner that could measure pressures accurately and quickly in very confined spaces,
that are also often subjected to high temperatures and much vibration. EvoScann® P-Series is ideal for a wide range of applications, often being inserted directly inside an aerofoil section
where it provides no disturbance to the airflow.

Weighing-in at less than 110g and encapsulated in a carbon fibre reinforced shell, EvoScann® P64-D transmits accurate, fast data, in engineering units, directly to the test article’s central processing unit over CANbus.

“The P64-D demonstrates a significant step forwards in electronics and sensors integration, our engineers have done an amazing job to be able to develop a high channel count in such a small
package and be able to drive the measurement performance levels that the P64-D delivers. We are really excited by the possibilities it presents.” said Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director of
Evolution Measurement.

“Not only have we created the most compact 64 channel pressure scanner available, but the integrated on board digital signal processing delivers high reliability, digital data under the most
extreme conditions.”

EvoScann® P-Series is designed to allow quick and easy customisation of the product to suit a wide range of applications. This allows users to have the product adapted to
suit their most challenging applications, taking such measurements into places never before possible." Evolution Measurement Ltd, 11 july 2019

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Vectoflow EvoScann P64-D