Vectoflow GmbH

Vectoflow GmbH is a young, innovative company developing fluid-dynamic metrology devices. Our founders have gained a large amount of experience in the field of fluid-dynamic measurement systems and relevant industries. We create unseen quality and designs by combining innovative rapid manufacturing methods. Our entrepreneurial spirit and motivation drives us to push the boundaries further. We constantly improve and extend our product portfolio.

We provide solutions for engineers

Vectoflow provides flow measurement solutions for many diverse applications. Our customers need to measure flow velocities, flow angles, local Mach numbers, pressures, temperatures and need high spatial resolution. In some cases, time averaged data is sufficient, but in others, time resolved measurements are necessary. Vectoflow offers high quality solutions both of these situations, ranging from flow probes including calibration in our in-house wind tunnel, to temperature and pressure scanners, to data acquisition and post-processing software.

Turbomachinery is an important technical field where we have much to offer. The ability to highly customize the design combined with robust, one-piece construction and high temperature capability materials allows for high quality measurements in challenging environments. Vectoflow also instruments entire gas turbines including traversing systems for their clients.

Vectoflow’s lightweight probes also find a strong following in motorsports, primarily in racing applications. Using additive manufacturing, which is used for nearly all of Vectoflow's probes, more than one probe head can be combined into a rake, offering a high degree of customization. These rakes are often used in Formula 1 and wind tunnel applications, where a traverse system with a single probe head would severely limit the measurement range.

For measurements at high temperatures, Vectoflow provides flow probes made from Inconel or even ceramics, both of which benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing.

For air-based applications, or where weight is an issue, Vectoflow offers lightweight probes and an Air Data System, which acquires the pressure and temperature from the probe, performs the data reduction on-board and transmits the results to a computer or flight control system.

Our Management Team

Dr. Christian Haigermoser – Vectoflow founder

Dr. Christian Haigermoser

Katharina Kreitz – Vectoflow founder

Katharina Kreitz

Our offer

  • We create innovative customer-specific fluid-dynamic probes and metrology systems — individually tailored to your custom use-case.
  • We calibrate and improve your current measurement devices — no matter if made by Vectoflow or our competitors.
  • For us, quality implies individual consulting, a fast customer service and fullfilling all your requirements and demands.

Portrait pictures by Dominik Osswald