Dr. Christian Haigermoser

Product launch: VectoDAQ Air Data System
Dr.-Ing. Christian Haigermoser studied Aeronautical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. During his studies, he participated in an Erasmus exchange program with the SUPERO in Toulouse. After his studies, he did a PhD within a Marie-Curie stipendium at the Technical University of Turin. His topic was the investigation of cavity flows using advanced optical measurement techniques. He also developed a novel method, allowing the computation of the acoustical emission of a flow using time-resolved data from Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Afterwards, he joined GE Global Research in Munich, working on compressor aerodynamics. He was responsible for the concept, design and commissioning of several compressor test rigs, and supervised the research with these experimental facilities. He joined BMW in 2011, working on road car aerodynamics. In 2015 he founded the Vectflow GmbH together with Katharina Kreitz and is one of the managing directors.

Product launch: VectoDAQ Air Data System

The VectoDAQ Air Data System consists of an air data computer and a leightweight flow measurement probe made with additive manufacturing, like all of Vectoflow’s probes. It is designed for simultaneous measurements of multiple pressure and temperature signals and data reduction of the data to obtain flow values like angle of attack, true air speed and flight height.

Product launch: Fast Response Measurement Systems

Vectoflow launches a new product line of unsteady flow probes with embedded pressure sensors. In the same way as all other Vectoflow products, the new unsteady probes are highly customizable and extremely robust at the same time, due to Vectoflow’s optimized additive manufacturing method. The probes are available with 1 up to 7 holes (others on request) and come with a frequency and angular calibration.

Vectoflow Seeks Pilot Customers for New Airdata System

You are currently developing an UAV or a drone? You need date on airspeed, pitch and yaw angles, barometric height as well as air temperature? And you want to use this data live or later for performance analysis and control? We are currently developing a small, robust air data system made up of a probe for three dimensional flow measurement and the measurement electronics that outputs all relevant flight data directly and digitally.

Vectoflow develops new flow probe in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich

Vectoflow continues its efforts in improving existing flow measurement systems continuously and developing innovative new probes in order to be able to meet the requirements of our customers. The latest example is the start of a collaborative development project together with the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid mechanics of the TU of Munich. The goal is to develop a new innovative multihole flow probe, bringing together the experience of both partners, who already have a long history of mutual support.

Head of DLR visits Vectoflow

Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chair of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Executive Board, visited Vectoflow at the ESA Incubation Center in Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO) on 4 July 2017. During her visit, Prof. Dr. Ehrenfreund met Katharina Kreitz and Stefan Bilz from Vectoflow and talked about future business and collaboration opportunities.