We are proud to announce that we will be working on groundbreaking Flight Test Instrumentation. Vectoflow, Evolution Measurement Ltd. and Any-Shape will join forces over the next 3 years to deliver aerodynamic measurement equipment for the new Airbus Racer prototype. With over 1000 channels and a budget well above 1 Million Euro, this becomes one of […]

Product Launch: Radiator Probes

Keeping our automotive and racing customers in mind, we have developed a new total and static pressure probe optimized for use in radiator measurements. Whether you want to measure the flow in one point in front of your radiator, or if you want to instrument it with several probes, the impressive small size of our […]

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We know that the current situation is not easy, so we are trying to maintain our operations as normally as possible. We are still there for you (in compliance with all possible security measures). You can contact us as usual by phone or email.