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We offer customized multi hole probes, probe rakes and more for measurements in gases and fluids and the corresponding post-processing software. Furthermore we conduct calibrations in our calibration wind tunnel. We are happy to provide consulting! Vectoflow Sonden

Multi-hole-probes and more

Fluid flows can be determined easily and precisely with Vectoflow's multi-hole-probes. They differ from previous ones through their one-part integrated design. Therefore, our probes are more robust, easier to clean and require less maintenance. The special manufacturing process allows for free geometry choices and a wide variety of materials. The device will fit into your flow-optimization application.


We enable you to specify the geometry exactly adapted to your application through our Vectoflow manufacturing process. We build probe head diameters starting at 0,9mm and overall lengths up to 250mm (standard).
  • The probe's reference surface (e.g. square or hexagon) is adapted to your requirements.
  • Currently, we are developing an easy connector to connect the probe to the flexible pressure-tubes.
custom 5-hole probe
Customized probes
Picture by EOS GmbH
7-hole probe straight
straight probes
7-hole probe L-shaped
L-shaped probes
7-hole probe cobra-shaped
Cobra probes

Application of different probe geometries

Straight: Straight probes are mainly used in the field of UAVs´ or in the automotive area.

L-shaped probes: Examples for the application of l-shaped probes are jet engines, gas turbines or racing.

Cobra: The main advantage of cobra-shaped probes represents the fact that the top of the probe, that means the measuring point while a twist of the shaft around his own axis, is not changing. This can be really helpful if you are willing to extend for example the measuring range of a 5-hole probe (+/- 60°).

"Drilled Elbow": The `Drilled Elbow´ geometrie is often chosen if the probe must fit into a narrow hole to bring the top of the probe on the right measuring point. This advantage of the compact construction is used for example in jet engines.

Probe head shape

Different probe tip shapes are possible. Cone and Hemisphere are standard other application specific geometries are possible.

probes head shapes


Possible Materials are:

  • Titanium (Grade 5)
  • Inconel 718
  • Stainless steel ( e.g. 1.4542, 1.4540)
  • Plastics (PEEK, PA12, ABS)

Specifications of multi-hole-probes

The following specifications are dependent on geometry, material, head shape, used pressure sensors and data acquisition.

Technical properties - overview
5 hole probe7 hole probe
flow angle60° (1° accuracy)70° (1° accuracy)
Probe head geometryConus, hemisphere, customized
Probe head diameter from 0.9mm, 3mm standard
GeometryVariable, length max. 250mm x 250mm (1-piece design)
ConnectionVariable (eg. square, hexagon)
Temperature range -50°C up to +1200°C
Velocity range3 m/s up to Mach 2 (1% accuracy)


The core of the post-processing software is a library file, which can be integrated in any custom code. It calculates the velocity vector as well as the static and total pressure from the probe's pressure measurement.

Additionally, a software package will be available, wich offers GUI-based post-processing functions including batch processing.


A professional calibration is essential for aerodynamic measurement devices and a reliable use. It defines the relationship between the pressures and the desired flow speed vector.

All flow probes are calibrated in our calibration wind tunnel to the customer's specified speed ranges.


Do you need a special solution for your application? We are looking forward to your inquiry and will design a probe or system to your needs.