Custom Multi-hole Probes


Our manufacturing technology enables us to produce nearly any feasible probe geometry. We can adapt the probe to fit your needs. Just send us the desired geometry or details on the problem you wish to solve and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

The lob nozzle (left) was 3D-printed in Cobalt-Chrome and surface treated to obtain up to a mirror surface finish. Several pressure and temperature channels are integrated into the nozzle, allowing for flow data to be determined simultaneoulsy in multiple locations for the exhaust gas flow behind a thruster.


Do you have a special geometry in mind for a probe for a particular task or want to improve the quality of your measurement? Do you have components requiring a very complex inner channel structure that are not realizable with traditional manufacturing methods?
Our innovative additive manufacturing method makes it possible to produce nearly any probe geometry or other component. Furthermore, products like thermocouples can be easily integrated into Vectoflow probes.

Custom Multi-hole probes
GeometryTBD by customer
Number of pressure holesTBD by customer
SizeTBD by customer
Min. tip diameter1.2 mm
Tip geometryTBD by customer
MaterialStainless steel, Titanium, Inconel, Cobalt-Chrome, plastics
Mounting methodTBD by customer
ConnectionsTBD by customer
ReferenceTBD by customer
Temperature rangeUp to 1000°C (1800 °F)
Angle measurement range± 160° (depending on number of holes)
Angle measurement accuracyLess than ± 1°
Velocity measurement range3 m/s (10 ft/s) up to Mach 2.0
Velocity measurement accuracyLess than ± 1 m/s (3 ft/s)
Max. frequency resolutionUp to 50 Hz (dependent on probe geometry, frequency calibration possible)