EvoScann P-Series Pressure Scanner

Evoscann pressure scanner Vectoflow
Vectoflow is the exclusive distributer of Evolution Measurement's EvoScann P-Series Pressure Scanner in Germany.


The Evo Scann P-Series Pressure Scanner is a highly miniaturised pressure scanner, especially applicable in the automotive industry. With its robust enclosure it is perfect for on-car testing and its small size enables measurements in previously unreachable areas. 

Specifications (P8 Version)

Inputs (Px)8 x 0.040"
Full Scale Ranges200-1200 mbar A
AccuracyAbsolute: 0.1%FS / Differential: 0.2%FS
Overpressure Capability5x calibrated range
Resolution0.01 mbar (0.03 mbar at 1000Hz)
Drift<1mbar / year
Construction materials
Wetted partsStainless Steel / Aluminium / PEI
Outer caseCarbon Fibre
TubulationsStainless Steel
MediaAir - Avoid liquid contaminants
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature-40 °C to +115 °C
Vibration9 G / 1000Hz (24 hr)
Communication InterfaceDirect CANbus, optional CAN / USB Adapter
Data Output RateVariable up to 1000Hz / Channel
Power8 -24v DC
Current Consumption<30mA
Electrical ConnectorDeutsch, Harwin, Lemo or Flying lead (no connectors)
Dimensions36 x 33 x 8mm
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