High temperature probes

5-hole probe high temperature pressure

Did you ever want to determine temperatures and pressures right behind a combustion chamber?
We have many solutions if you want to use probes at higher temperatures. They are also based on an additive manufacturing process, leading to the same advantages like with our other flow probes.


The use of metals is possible up to 1000 deg C. If higher temperatures are required, ceramics can be used. SiN based material will endure temperatures up to 1800 deg C. And as metioned before, these highly customized solutions are made by additive manufacturing as well. The geometries are not only limited to flow probes.


Number measurement heads tbd by customer
Number of holes in measurement head 1, 3, 5, 7 or tbd by customer
Number temperature measurement heads tbd by customer
Geometry tbd by customer
Size 280mm, other length possible
Tip diameter min. > 3 mm
Geometry measurement head tbd by customer
Material ceramics, inconel, high-temperature stainless steel
Fixture tbd by customer
Connections tbd by customer
Temperature range up to 1800°C
Angle measurement range ± 70° (depending on number of holes)
Angle measurement accuracy < ± 1°
Velocity measurement range 3 m/s up to Mach 2
Velocity measurement accuracy < ± 1 m/s
Temperature measurement accuracy depending on thermocouple
Resolvable frequency max. up to 50 Hz (depending on probe geometry, frequency calibration possible)