VectoProbe Smart

The iProbe is a compact and light system for measuring 3-component flow speeds and flow angles for mobile applications. Instantaneous flow measurement with a multi-hole probe has never been easier and faster.

Datasheet for iProbe


The iProbe simultaneously measures pressure and temperature signals for a multi-hole probe and evaluates the data in real-time to obtain flow parameters such as angle of attack and 3-component airspeed.
The device has 5 differential pressure channels and an absolute pressure connection, which also serves as a reference for the differential pressure sensors. Each pressure channel can be customized according to customer requirements.
The data is transmitted via a USB interface and the transmission rate can be set from 1 to 50 Hz.


DimensionsØ20 mm x 240 mm
(5-hole probe version)
Power Supply
Voltage/Current inputVia USB / Power Supply, 5 V
USBCommunication with Host PC
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature-20 to 70°C (-5 to 160°F)
Operating MediumAir and other noncorrosive gases
Humidity0...95 %, non condensing
Pressure Measurement
Pressure Sensorsup to 5 differential pressure sensors with variable pressure ranges
Pressure Range250 Pa - 15 kPa; -400 kPa
Pressure Sensor accuracyMax. ± 0.25% full scale (typical ± 0.1%)
Absolute pressure sensorBarometric or absolute pressure sensor
Temperature Acquisition
Max. temperature70°C (160°F)

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