The 14-hole omnidirectional probe allows the measurement of flow angles up to 160°


The 14-hole omnidirectional probe from Vectoflow allows the measurement of flow angles up to 160°. This probe is especially made for measurement tasks, where the angle of attack is unknown, or even reverse flow is expected. Like all probes from Vectoflow, also the 14-hole probe is made by additive manufacturing, giving a high geometrical flexibility and a very high robustness at the same time.


GeometryStraight, L-Shaped
Number of holes14
Min. tip diameter>5 mm (10 mm standard)
MaterialStainless steel, titanium, Inconel
FasteningSquare, hexagonal, one-sided flatened cylinder or custom
ConnectionsStandard 1 mm pressure tubes
ReferenceReference surface normal to Z axis
Temperature rangeup to 600 °C
Angular range± 160°
Velocity range3 m/s to Mach 0.95
Velocity accuracy<±1m/s