Pitot Prandtl probes straight

Total pressure and Prandtl probes are available in 4 different standard geometries: L-shaped, Straight, Cobra, or Drilled Elbow


Our pitot probes are constructed as one-piece and therefore very robust, and can be individually customized to fit your application. As with all of our probes, a range of materials is available including stainless steel, titanium and others.


Size250 mm (10 in.) standard, custom lengths possible
Min. tip diameter0.5 mm
Head geometryElliptical, or TBD by customer
MaterialStainless steel, titanium, inconel, high-temperature stainless steel
Mounting methodSquare, hexagonal, flattened cylinder, or TBD by customer
ConnectionsStandard 1.04 mm (0.040 in.) pressure tubes with bulge
Temperature rangeup to 1000°C (1800 °F)