Radiator Probes


The Vectoflow radiator probes offer an easy way to equip a radiator with probes in order to measure total mass flow and mass flow distribution through a radiator. The radiator probe simultaneously measures the total and static pressure of the flow. Several probes distributed over a radiator can measure the partial mass flow through the assigned section of the radiator, allowing to determine the uniformity of the flow.

The probe is easy to use, as it can be clipped onto the radiator, such that it is placed exactly in front of the cooling tubes, minimizing blockage effects. This way, the radiator does not have to be modified or damaged and the probes can be removed and reused afterwards.


The probe design is not fixed and can be customized to individual requirements. The probes are produced by our innovative additive manufacturing method, allowing great flexibility in design and size.
It is recommended to calibrate the probes with respect to the mass flow mounted on the radiator. Please contact Vectoflow for further details.

Radiator Probes
GeometrySpecial design for minimal blockage
Number of pressure holes1 total pressure Kiel head (⌀ 1.6 mm) and 1 static pressure hole (Optional thermocouple integration)
MaterialStainless steel
Mounting methodPush fit
Acquisition hardwarePressure scanner separately available
Acquisition & post-processing softwareCustomized solutions possible
Temperature rangeUp to 250°C (480°F)