5-hole probe rake
Rakes are available in 4 different forms: multihole, static pressure, total pressure & temperature.


All our measurement heads (multi-hole probe, total or static pressure, temperature) can be combined in rakes, leading to a higher spatial resolution. Also for these products we are able to reach a high degree of accuracy for the special case of measurement. Because of the additive manufacturing process, it is possible to install Vectoflow probes in various fields of measurement combined with optimal mechanical properties.


Number of measurement heads tbd by customer
Number of holes in measurement head 1,3,5,7
Size 280mm, other length possible
Tip diameter min. 0.9 mm (standard 3mm)
Geometry measurement head conical, spherical, tbd by customer
Material stainless steel, titanium, inconel, high-temperature stainless steel
Fixture tbd by customer
Connections tbd by customer
Reference tbd by customer
Temperature range up to 1000 °C
Angle measurement range ± 70° (depending on number of holes)
Angle measurement accuracy < ± 1°
Velocity measurement range 3 m/s up to Mach 2
Velocity measurement accuracy < ± 1 m/s
Resolvable frequency max up to 50 Hz (depending on probe geometry, frequency calibration possible)