Spindle Flow Meter

The Spindle Flow Meter operates on the basis of differential pressure. The optimized design offers improved performance above the traditional differential pressure flowmeters. A central body is used as a primary flow element and conditions the incoming flow, allowing for high quality measurements.


The Spindle Flow Meter offers the following features:

  • Forced annular channel flow
  • Incoming unsteady pipe flow is conditioned for a very stable, repeatable and well characterized flow
  • No flow separation
  • Minimum drag
  • High accuracy
  • Certified calibration
  • The Spindle fin supports are structurally stable
  • The Spindle is well suited for applications in complex industrial environments (behind bends etc.) and for system verification
  • Hollow central body provides space for (sealed) measurement equipment

Field Tests

During testing on natural gas pipelines in parallel with other types of flow meters, the Spindle was the only flowmeter which still operated within tolerance limits after 3 months.

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