VectoVis Pro - Acquisition and Post-Processing Software

VectoVis Pro software provides an environment for real-time acquisition, visualization and post-processing of the most common sensors and devices related with aerodynamic measurements, including traverse system control. The user can configure the hardware environment including the calibration data for flow probes. Data and outputs from the probes are calculated continuously. The software allows the definition of an automatic test plan which performs traverse movements, acquires and post-processes data and writes the data into a result file. The software consists of a base framework plus modules for different probes.


The VectoVis Pro software offers the following features:

  • Easy configuration of different pressure scanners, temperature sensors and flow probes
  • Customizable window appearance with graphs, logging and monitoring windows
  • Configuration of individual test plans for automatic data acquisition
  • Manual data acquisition
  • Data logging


Pressure scanners, temperature sensors, multi-hole probes and fast response probes can all be configured easily in VectoVis Pro. Pressure and temperature channels as well as calibration files can be assigned to the different probes. Furthermore, the software allows for the control of the Vectoflow traverse system and data can be acquired manually or automatically. An automatic test sequence can be defined with features like traverse movement, waiting times, acquisition times, file name configuration and many more.

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