Innovative manufacturing – the 3D-printing process

Using additive manufacturing (AM) technology, we are able to custom design every probe uniquely to fit your application.  Geometry, size and material are specially selected for your needs.

The advantages



Our probes are manufactured as one-piece.  This lends them significantly improved stability and durability.  The design can be made to avoid specific resonance frequencies.


Diameter > 1.2 mm

Through the use of a special micro-laser sintering process we are offer multi hole probes with a head diameter as small as 1.2 mm.

Rake in turbine

Complex geometries

Multiple probes can be combined into a rake and special probe shapes are no issue for us.


Smart and easy Integration

No matter what your test rig looks like - our probes can be easily integrated in your existing rig and replace your old probes.  The mounting points can be perfectly adapted to your application.

The 3D-printing process

Our additive manufacturing process is based on the Powder Bed Fusion process. With the help of a laser beam, selected locations in the powder bed are fused.   The mechanical properties of the resulting part are uniform and of high quality and the process allows for maintaining low tolerances and generating high part accuracy.  The 3D-printing process allows us to highly customize our probes and create very complex geometries.  Furthermore we can guarantee very robust and durable probes.

Powder Bed Fusion
3D printer
Picture: EOS GmbH