Innovative manufacturing – the 3D-printing process

With our 3D-printing-procedure, we are able to design every probe uniquely to fit the customer's application. Geometry, size and material are perfectly chosen for your application.

The advantages


Our probes are manufactured in an one-piece design. Therefore they are very sturdy and show a particular high eigenfrequency and durability.

Diameter > 0.9 mm

Through the use of a special micro generative manufacturing process we are offering multi hole probes with a minimum head diameter of 0.9 mm.
Rake in turbine
Complex geometries

Multiple probes combined to a rake or probes with special shapes or diameters are easy available.

Smart and easy Integration

It does not matter how your measurement task looks like - our probes can easily be integrated in your existing test rig and replace old probes. The reference surface will be perfectly fitted for your application.

The 3D-printing process

Our additive manufacturing process is based on the Powder Bed Fusion process. With the help of a laser beam, chosen parts of a material as a powder (Powder bed) are fused. Because of this manufacturing process we reach excellent mechanical properties and a high accuracy at the emerging probes. The 3D-printing process allows highly customized and very complex geometries. Furthermore we can guarantee a high robustness and durability of Vectoflow probes.

Powder Bed Fusion
3D printer Picture: EOS GmbH