Measurement technology

The flow measurement probes from Vectoflow combine the principle of conventional multi-hole-pressure-probes with modern rapid manufacturing. As a consequence the strength is increased and the probes can be adapted perfectly to the application in terms of geometry and choice of material.

The measurement chain

Comparing to other measurement possibilities, multi-hole-probes are fast to install and easy to use. A simple measurement can be performed in a few minutes.

Manufacturing & calibration

The customized probe is manufactured through Vectoflow and calibrated for the application.

System integration

The probe is integrated into the test rig and aligned by the reference surface.

Data collection

The pressure scanner is acquiring the probe's port pressures and transmitting them to the data acquisition system.


The Vectoflow software is performing the analysis of the data, returning the calculated flow quantities.


Principle of multihole probes The use of multi-hole-probes is an easy and precise way to measure a fluid flow. By measuring differential pressures at the head of the probe the following flow quantities can be determined:
  • Total and static pressure
  • Angle of attack
  • Velocity of the flow
Compared to other flow measurement devices, multi-hole-probes are easy to handle and enable you to determine all the needed measurement variables at the same time.


Depending on the field of application and the required accuracy you may choose different pressure probes. Head geometry as well as the amount of holes in the probe are chosen to get the best results. You have a choice between 3-, 5-, 7- hole probes or customized probes. For reaching optimal results, the material of the probe is adjusted to the respective conditions of measurement as there are velocity, frequency, angle of attack of the flow and temperature.

Overview for applications and measuring range of Vectoflow probes
3-hole 5-hole 7-hole 14-hole Custom
examples of application measurements in the boundary layer standard measurements for higher angle measurement range for back flow or wheel case measurements to fit exactly the customer's needs
Velocity 5 m/s up to Mach 2
Frequency 10 Hz up to 1 kHz
Max. angle of attack > 50° up to 165°
Temperature Metal: -50°C to 1000 °C / Ceramics: -50 °C to > 1000°C


Because of the additive manufacturing process multiholeprobes of Vectoflow are very robust and can be used in various fields of application, and also in harsh environments. Typical applications of Vectoflow probes are:

Research & development
  • Aviation and Astronautics
  • Turbo machinery
  • Automotive
  • Wind power
  • Shipbuilding
  • Motorsports / competitive sport
  • Plant engineering and chem. industry
System control

Because of our probes increased sturdiness compared to other products, they can be used in an active system control. Possible fields of application are:
  • active adjustment of rotor blades (wind power)
  • monitoring and optimization of flows in the system engineering sector